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BRT Incubator & BRT Scan

BRT Incubator & BRT Scan is an automated, software-based system for the incubation and image-based documentation of BRT inhibitor test systems. Evaluation results/data can be recalled by LIMS systems and associated with the samples. This fully automated device will save you a considerable amount of work; it is robust and provides reliable and independent results. AiM GmbH has developed this device in cooperation with external mechanical and software engineering specialists in order to simplify and optimize inhibitor testing.

BRT Scan documentation device

As traceability of the results has a high importance, we developed this part of our BRT Incubator & BRT Scan further on in cooperation with some routine user. We offer a separate documentation device, the BRT Scan, which is intended to be applied next to your established routine for pipetting and incubation. This way you will profit from all advantages of the documentation software as e.g. colour image files of the results, automated barcode reading, exchange of data with LIMS, etc. If required, this device can be upgraded to a complete BRT Incubator & BRT Scan at any time.

We offer the following formats:

- BRT Incubator & BRT Scan, single
1 incubator for three BRT plates, single rack incl. power supply, Halcon software, BRT I&S software, 1 scanner
Application: Users that need to incubate max. 3 plates simultaneously

- BRT Incubator & BRT Scan, 3er Rack complete
3 incubators, three racks incl. power supply, Halcon software, BRT I&S software, 3 scanners
Application: Users that need to incubate max. 9 plates simultaneously.

- BRT Scan, documentation device
Template, Halcon software, BRT I&S Software, 1 Scanner
Application: For evaluating and documenting BRT inhibitor test systems. No incubation of the plates!

Detailed information are available at:

» BRT Incubator & BRT Scan (Flyer)
BRT Incubator & BRT Scan
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