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Positive and Negative Standards

In line with Good Laboratory Practice it is essential that microbiological inhibitor tests are controlled continuously. This is not only to fulfil the requirements of the officially described method, it also has many advantages for users. The end point of incubation is clearly indicated by the complete colour change of the negative control to yellow. The correct reactions of the positive and negative control samples give clear evidence to the user that the system is functioning properly and therefore validates all the results of samples investigated in the same batch. Comparing the colours of the test samples to the control samples makes it easy to interpret the test results. This is why we offer only certified control standards. These are available in lyophilised form, are easy to use, have a long shelf life and can be used in rapid test systems. On request we will send you batch-related certificates and material safety data sheets with every delivery.

We offer the following standards:

Penicillin G Standard, full cream milk lyophilisate 4 ng/ml, 1 vial 5 ml, shelf life from production 5 years, packing unit 10 vials

Inhibitor Free Milk, full cream milk lyophilisate, 1 vial 5 ml, shelf life from production 5 years, packing unit 10 vials

Penicillinase aqueous solution, 1 vial 2 ml, shelf life from production 3 month

Water deionized sterile, to resuspend the lyophilisates, 1 vial 5 ml, shelf life from production 5 years, packing unit 10 vials

We have a diversity of standards in stock (sheep and goat, various substances, higher volumes) please contact us for detailed information.

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Further standards on request.
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