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Inhibitor Ring Test

The absence of antibiotics (i.e. inhibitory substances) in milk and dairy products is crucial for every consumer and food producer along the dairy food chain. Thus, testing for inhibitors is done routinely at different points in the food chain and in many laboratories.

To ensure that inhibitor testing is carried out in your own lab in the best possible way it is useful to check your own laboratory routines at regular intervals. Taking part in external ring tests is a suitable way to do this independently, which also provides many other benefits.

Obviously, every participant aims to provide correct results and to demonstrate in this way the competence of his lab. “Wrong” test results provide an opportunity to find room for improvement and to increase the effectiveness of your own lab routines. Furthermore, it helps participants learn more about the background of inhibitors, the function of different test systems (microbiological tests versus rapid tests), the significance of their results and, last but not least, the sense of Good Laboratory Practice.

Since 2008 we offer Inhibitor Ring Tests with independently verified samples, they were carried out successfully with an ever-expanding number of participants (2014: 159 participants from 16 countries). Taking part is confirmed with the issue of a certificate, this proves compliance with the requirements of inhibitor testing, e.g. for audits. The ring test is offered once a year in cooperation with QSE GmbH, a subsidiary of Milchprüfring Bayern e.V., we can provide more detailed information on request.

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