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MCR3 biosensor for qualitative and quantitative verification of antibiotics in milk.

The MCR3 is an innovative biosensor system for determining antibiotics in raw milk. The prototype of the MCR3 was the result of two FEI research projects. The biosensor system was developed to fill the existing "diagnostic gap" in the milk food chain and, at the same time, to qualify and quantify antibiotics in the milk within a very short time.

The MCR3 is currently applied at Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. (method not accredited), 15 relevant antibiotics in milk can be determined from raw milk in the range of their MRL within about five minutes without the samples having to be prepared.

Do you have inhibitor cases or raw milk that you suspect contains antibiotic residues and would like more information about the substances and their concentration at a fair price?

We will be happy to investigate your samples with the MCR3. Please inform yourself about the details in our » order form or » contact us.

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